Confidence in constitutional institutions and satisfaction with political situation

In May 2005 CVVM started a survey among responts, how they trust in constitutional institutions.

President Vaclav Klaus is still supposed to be the most trustworthy constitutional institution.According to citizens the end of governmental crisis helped to both government and constitutional institutions, first of all it helped to both Chambers of czech Parliament. In present almost a third of respondents confide in government (32%), which mean it has risen for 18 % points in comparism to previous month.

Chamber of Deputies is found trustworthy by 23% of respondents, a fifth of respondents found Senate trustworthy.Regional councils gained new 5%points of trust (their confidence has risen from 40%to 45%). Trust in regional councils outbalances distrust in them. ( 45% of citizens expressed their trust in regional council, 31% expressed their distrust, 24% did not know how to answer.Local councils are found trustworthy by many trustees,

In long term 6 out of 10 respondents confide in them.

Dissatisfaction with our political situation outbalances satisfaction with it.

In May only 11% of citizens were satisfied with political situation, almost two thirds of respondents were dissatisfied with, 25% of respondents share ambivalent opinions about it.

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