Popularity of top politicians

In May CVVM interrogated czech citizens about whether they confide in the selected politicians. This time the submitted list included the names of 26 politicians, who are members of government, president,chairmen of Chamber of Deputies and Senate. representatives of the parties represented in the Chamber of Deputies, chairmen of Parties represented in Parliament and euro-commissioner Špidla. Minister Pavel Dostál and president Václav Klaus are found most trustworthy out of our top politicians.

They both enjoy highest trust , expressed by two thirds of respondents. (64%)

As other most trusted person was found prime minister Paroubek with 37% of trustees.

A third of respondents confide in minister Sobotka, Buzková and chairman Topolánek.

In comparism to January( or March) results , number of those, who trust in prime minister Paroubek , has risen for 26%, minister Dostál got new 4%, chairman of Senate Sobotka 6%, euro-commissioner Špidla got 5%. There was also a confidency drop at

minister Buzková (-12%points), minister svoboda (-7%), Němec and Sobotka

(both -5%),chairman of Chamber of Deputies Zaorálek (-5%).

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