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Politicians’ popularity

From the leaders of the parties represented in the Parliament of the Czech Republic the highest level of public confidence was achieved by V. Špidla (57%). He is followed by Svoboda (37%), Marvanová (35%), Klaus (31%), Grebeníček (16%) and Žantovský (13%). Among party leaders people most often concurrently trust V. Špidla and C. Svoboda (26%). The top position remains in the hands of Stanislav Gross (trusted by 72% of the respondents), who is followed by Petra Buzková (65%).


How to judge politicians?

According to most of the respondents (63%) the morale of the politicians should be viewed more strictly than the morale of other citizens. More people think that politicians should be also judged by their private lives.


Confidence in constitutional institutions

The president is trusted by 54%, government by 46%, Chamber of Deputies by 30%, Senate by 25% and regional councils by 28% of the respondents. The level of confidence in Zeman’s government has reached its historical maximum.