What would we do, if we lost a job?

In the case of losing a job, people would usually look for a new one, usually a specific job that would correspond to their idea of a new job defined in advance (62%) More than one third of respondents (37%) stated that they would accept any job in this situation. Highly qualified people, chiefmen, self- gainfully employed, respondents with good standart of living, university graduates, people with passed secondary school leaving exam, students would usually look for a specific job.

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Work attitudes

In April CVVM focused also on citizens‘ attitudes to work. Economically active Czech citizens suppose having a job to be the most important thing. The most of them consider a job, they can enjoy, to be very important. At the third place of importance

was stated a job, that brings a lot of money. Almost 8 out of 10 economically active Czech citizens think, they have job, that is useful for society and same number of repondents stated they have job, that they enjoy.

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Satisfaction with job

More than three fifths of economically active Czech citizens are satisfied with their jobs. Another three out of ten respondents state that they are half satisfied and half unsatisfied. Job dissatisfaction was expressed by only 8% of respondents. Entrepreneurs and sole-traders are more satisfied with their jobs than people who are employees.

Chiefs and high qualified specialized workers are most satisfied employees.

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Czech citizens about standart of living and social conditions

In April 2005, 36% of respondents characterised the standard of living of their household to be good, 22% share the opposite opinion and 41% of respondents characterised it as neither good nor bad. 6% of citizens indicated their household to be rich, whilst 30% consider it to be poor. Almost two thirds of respondents (63%) regard their household as neither rich nor poor. Problems with current budget of their household were stated by 61% of respondents, on the other hand 35% said they have no problems with budget of the household.

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Interest of czech citizens in work abroad

12% of respondents were interested in work abroad, 7% respondents were no sure about it.

In comparison to a half of year 2003, interest in work abroad arose. While in 2003 only six respondents wanted to leave for a job abroad, in December 2004 it was 12 % of repondents.

Czech citizens want to work in Germany or in United Kingdom (both 24 % of repondents)

Little less people would like to work in the USA and in Ireland.

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Economic situation of czech households

Between November and December 2004 more than a third of repondents (36%) supposed the living standart of their household to be good. 40 %of repondents regard it as neither good or bad and almost a quarter of respondents(24%) consider living standart of their household to be bad. A half of respondents judge their economic situation of their households to be quite satisfactory and 4% assess it to be very satisfactory.

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Prestige of occupation

Survey proved that almost priviliged occupation is medical profession, which is supposed to have the highest prestige. 41% of respondents regard doctor proffesion as a top occupation out of 26 monitored occcupations, when avarage evaluation of a doctor profession was higher than a evaluation of a scientist or a university professor, these professions were placed on second a third place. People suppose high prestige occupations to be these : a school teacher,a computer programmer,a judge and a designer.

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Satisfaction with job and evaluation of working relations

Major part of czech working people is satisfied with their jobs, when 81 % of economically active people chose that answer.Only a fifth of working people is dissatisfied with the job. People with good standart of living, university graduates , (93% of them are satisfied with their jobs) and earners are satisfied with their jobs.November survey was also focused on evaluation of working relations.

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Public opinion on unemployment

As a part of November survey there were some questions about unemployment.

Three quarters of respondents think, that current level of unemployment is too high. Only a fifth of respondents suppose current level of unemployment to be adequate and only 1 % of respondents regard it as too low. Almost a half of respondents fear of rise of unemployment a third of them think it will remain the same.

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Standard of Living and the Family Budget

In October 2004, approximately a third of respondents (approx. 33%) considered the standard of living of their household as being good. 45% described it as neither good, nor bad, and less than a quarter (22%) characterised it as bad. 4% of inhabitants consider their household to be rich, while 29% consider it to be as relatively or very poor and two thirds as neither rich nor poor. Difficulties when managing the current income of their family were stated by 60% of respondents, 36% of respondents stated that they would cope with the household budget more or less easily.

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