Public opinion on income differences

When considering fairness of some principles connected with income differences, people most positively evaluated income differences, which come from labour efficiency, difficulty or laboriousness of job and acquired qualification. On contrary equality of income is supposed to be the least equitable principle. The most of Czech society (72 %) share an opinion that state should struggle to lower differences between poor and rich people, 21 % of Czechs share opposite opinion.

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Evaluation of living standard

In November 2005, 36 % of respondents characterised the living standard of their household to be good, 19 % share the opposite opinion and 45 % of respondents described it as neither good nor bad. 7 % of citizens indicated their household to be rich, whilst 23 % consider it to be poor. More than two thirds of respondents (69 %) regard their household as neither rich nor poor. Problems with current budget of their household were stated by 53 % of respondents, on the other hand 43 % said they have no problems to manage with income of the household.

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Aspects of job satisfaction

In October survey CVVM questioned economically active respondents, how satisfied they are with some aspects of job.People are most satisfied with their interesting job,time spent in work,working in shifts when more than three quarters of economically active respondents are satisfied with these aspects of job.Approximately three quarters of working people are also satisfied with using their professional skills at workplace and with relations in the workplace.

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Unemployment in eyes of public

Almost a half of Czech citizens think that most of unemployed people can not get suitable job.Almost a quarter of czech citizens share an opinion that unemployed people do not want to work and a fifth of responents think that unemployed people can not get any job.Czech people regard current situation of unemployment as very high.6 out of 10 respondents stated that they would look for concrete job in case they were unemployed, on contrary almost 4 out of 10 said they would look for any job.

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Economic situation of czech households

In October 2005 CVVM also focused on economic situation of czech

households.More than a half of respondents(56%)stated they have hardly

enough money for household. 40% of citizens said that they have enough

money for household. Almost two thirds of people suppose their household

to be neither rich nor poor.During last year a third of

respondents´households had financial problems.


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Citizens and social conditions

As a part of October survey there were some questions about social conditions and another part of survey was dedicated to topic, how citizens evaluate

current situation in Czech Republic in some areas of life and run of society.All respondents were interoggated with question, how they would evaluate

current situation in Czech Republic in these cases : a chance to get a flat, financial situation to start a family, chance to have children, social security

for the elderly,the handicapped,a chance to get a job, a chance to be employed, accessibility of education and health care.

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Situation at labor market in regions and security of job

Almost a half of czech population older than 15 years think, they can find a job in their region, but it is difficult to find a suitable job there. Only 3 % of Czech citizens say there is no problem to find any job in their region, on contrary almost two fifths of respondents expressed their opinion, that it is difficult to find any job in their region. 7% of citizens suppose to find a job to be impossible in their region.

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What would we do, if we lost a job?

In the case of losing a job, people would usually look for a new one, usually a specific job that would correspond to their idea of a new job defined in advance (62%) More than one third of respondents (37%) stated that they would accept any job in this situation. Highly qualified people, chiefmen, self- gainfully employed, respondents with good standart of living, university graduates, people with passed secondary school leaving exam, students would usually look for a specific job.

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Work attitudes

In April CVVM focused also on citizens‘ attitudes to work. Economically active Czech citizens suppose having a job to be the most important thing. The most of them consider a job, they can enjoy, to be very important. At the third place of importance

was stated a job, that brings a lot of money. Almost 8 out of 10 economically active Czech citizens think, they have job, that is useful for society and same number of repondents stated they have job, that they enjoy.

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Satisfaction with job

More than three fifths of economically active Czech citizens are satisfied with their jobs. Another three out of ten respondents state that they are half satisfied and half unsatisfied. Job dissatisfaction was expressed by only 8% of respondents. Entrepreneurs and sole-traders are more satisfied with their jobs than people who are employees.

Chiefs and high qualified specialized workers are most satisfied employees.

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