Evaluation of the situation in some areas and expected development of these areas in year 2007

In our country people are most satisfied with supply of goods and services (77 % of respondents expressed their satisfaction), with current situation of Czech culture and with relationships of the Czech Republic with foreign countries. On contrary dissatisfaction prevails with areas such as corruption and economical criminality. 79 % of Czech citizens are dissatisfied with economical criminality and 82 % of people are discontented with corruption.

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Satisfaction with current state of some monitored areas

Czech citizens are most satisfied with supply of goods and services.Majot part of people are satisfied with current state of czech culture. Almost a half of citizens are satisfied with relationships of Czech Republic to foreign states and czech environment.In other monitored areas dissatisfaction prevailed satisfaction. People are mostly dissatisfied with current state of corruption (83% dissatisfied),economic criminality (80%) and unemployment (76%) in Czech Republic.

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The most serious problems of Czech Republich from the view of public

The respondents often consider various aspects of economical development to be the most serious problems of Czech Republic and first of all is unemployment. The other area af problems consists of corruption, economic or general crime, and poor work of the police and courts in the enforcement of law. Essential part of respondents regarded various general or concrete problems from czech political area as most serious problems.

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Political culture

In May 2005 CVVM focused on political culture and political Parties in Czech Republic.

According to major part of czech citizens (75%) arguments, problems and scandals are common and occur in other democracies, although major part of addressed respondents (82%) expressed their opinion that these argumentations and scandals discredit us abroad.

Almost all respondents (95%) agreed that there is need to inform public about the problems, argumentations and scandals, because czech politicians need to be under control of public.

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When a politician is supposed to leave his office?

Practically unanimous agreement with demands to demission exists only in cases, when

a politician is punished for delict, either delict connected with his politician office or not. In a similar way public perceive accusation of delict. As a reason for resignation public suppose illegitimate usage of academical degree(90% of respondents are for demission), if a politician was connected with a criminal act in public (89%),lying in public speech(82%), commitment an alcoholic disturbance (78%), unclear financial or property machinations (76%), causing serious car accident (74%), being sentenced for civil litigation (69%), public unbecoming behaviour (64%).

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Satisfaction with current state of monitored areas

In February we interrogated our respondents about whether they are satisfied or dissatisfied with current state of monitored areas in Czech Republic. The prevalence of dissatisfaction is also quite noticeable in the area of supply of goods and sevices, culture, attitude of Czech Republic to foreign states and natural environment.

Of all the monitored areas, citizens took the most negative view of the current state of corruption, unemployment,economic criminality.

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Citizen satisfaction with the functioning of democracy in the Czech Republic and in the EU

In June 2004, a half of the polled citizens did not feel very satisfied with how democracy is functioning in the Czech Republic. Another fifth of the respondents were not satisfied at all. Less than 1% of those surveyed expressed complete satisfaction with how democracy is functioning in our country. A quarter of the survey participants were quite satisfied.

When assessing the functioning of democracy in the European Union, the respondents expressed totally different opinions.

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Major problems through the eyes of the public

The problems most often considered by respondents to be the major ones are as follows: unemployment, economic or general crime, corruption, state indebtedness and the reform of public funds, permanent quarrels among politicians, unstable government and the ongoing political crisis, problems in the health sector, politicians’ unconcern for ordinary people and poor work of the police and courts in the enforcement of law.

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Recent major events

Surveys conducted by the Public Opinion Research Centre regularly examine which recent events are regarded by respondents as major ones. As regards specific events, the respondents most frequently mentioned the election to the European Parliament and accession of our country to the European Union. They also considered other events occurring in the local political scene to be important, in particular the resignation of Vladimir Špidla from the post of prime minister, the subsequent fall of the government, crisis in the CSSD and the election of Stanislav Gross as its new leader.

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Satisfaction with the political situation

In mid April, 11% of those polled were satisfied with the political situation, whereas 57% expressed dissatisfaction. 28% of respondents were neither satisfied nor dissatisfied. The level of dissatisfaction (as was also the case two months ago) has reached its peak since February 2003. The group satisfied with the political situation includes mainly young people aged 15-29 years and those who consider their living standards to be good.

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