The state of democracy in the Czech Republic

What do respondents think about the functioning of our political system and how do they evaluate the current political system in comparison with the pre-1989 one? The people polled used an evaluating scale from 1 (the system is functioning very poorly) to 10 (the system is functioning very well) to evaluate individual political systems. The pre-November 1989 political system scored an average rating of 4.

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Looking back at the Previous Year

Supporters of ČSSD (Czech Social Democratic Party) perceive the previous period more favourably, in general. Followers of other political parties have more or less critical viewpoints, with the exception of certain areas. Supporters of ODS (Civic Democratic Party), regardless of their more critically tuned stands, acknowledged progress in the fields of ecology, foreign policy and the standard of living.

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Party preferences in late January 2002

No major sociodemographic differences were reported among CSSD supporters (23%). The ODS (18.5%) is attractive primarily for respondents with good living standards and voters with university or full secondary education. The party also occupies a strong position among businessmen and tradesmen, white-collar employees, intellectual workers and among Prague inhabitants. The KSCM (13.5%) is traditionally appealing to pensioners, voters with poor living standards and respondents with primary education.

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