* Time Perspectives in the Czech Society

This research aims at quantitative analysis of time perspectives in the Czech society. For this purpose, Zimbardo Time Perspective Inventory was used. The battery consists of 56 items comprising five time dimensions (orientations): Past Positive, Past Negative, Hedonistic Presence, Fatalistic Presence and Future. The data was gathered from a representative sample of the Czech population in the years 2003 and 2008. The factor analysis showed evidence for a multifactor structure which, in principal, does not differ from the original American version of ZTPI nor its adaptations in other countries. On the basis of item analysis, we adjusted the model to suit the Czech data as much as possible. In the Czech sample, orientations on the positive past and on the future were comparatively the strongest ones. Relations of time orientation with age, gender, level of education and religious faith were observed. 
>> Full text is available in Czech only <<


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