* Value orientations in our society

Since the beginning of 2004 the Centre for Public Opinion Research of the Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic have cooperated on a research project called “Social and cultural cohesion in a differentiated society.” The project is financially supported by the Ministry of labour and social affairs of the Czech Republic and it is executed by the employees of the Centre for social and economic strategy (CESES), a research department of the Faculty of Social Sciences of the Charles University in Prague, and by the employees of the Institute of Sociology of the Czech Academy of Sciences.

The project includes some partial public opinion polls, which are gradually executed by the CVVM within a continuous research called Our Society on a representative sample of respondents over the age of fifteen representing the population of the Czech Republic. In October 2004 a research on this basis was executed, in which respondents answered, among others, several questions dealing with their priorities and value orientation.

First, all respondents were asked a question surveying their own hierarchy of individual spheres of human life. Respondents obtained a card with six selected areas and they were asked to arrange them according to their significance.

Results clearly prove that from a general point of view family definitely presents the far most important sphere of life. More than three quarters of respondents placed family in the first place. The respondents, who did not place family on the top of the scale, were primarily young and single people without children, more frequently men than women. The divorced and those, who live alone in their household, also mentioned family slightly less frequently than the others.


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