International Trade in Czechoslovak Music Industry 1969-1989: The Artia Foreign Trade Enterprise

The article reflects the position of a foreign trade enterprise called Artia within Czechoslovak music industry. The primary goal is to reveal the modus operandi of the music industry in international trading on the example of Artia. Given its export orientation, Artia was a specific organization dealing more than other Czechoslovak record companies with commercial success instead of ideological and aesthetical issues in its editorial policy. Such an approach was dramatically challenged in the period of "normalization" (1969-1989) when ideological requirements on record companies were reinforced in the system of management and control of cultural production in Czechoslovakia. Artia, therefore, is a suitable object for exploring the relationship between ideological and commercial aspects of cultural production in Czechoslovakia from a multidisciplinary perspective.

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ISSN: 1214-438X
Year: 2015
Edition: 13
Volume: 2
Page: 27
Authors: Martin Husák
Citation: Husák, Martin. 2015. "Zahraničně obchodní činnost hudebních vydavatelství v Československu v období normalizace: Podnik pro zahraniční obchod (PZO) Artia." Naše společnost 13 (2): 27-34,


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