A Sociology of Animals: Reviewing Human-Animal Studies

The author of this review article introduces the relatively new social science field of human-animal studies, focusing on its sociological dimension. Her aim is not a particularized compilation of existing publications on the topic, but a synthesis of the key ideas behind the sociological perspective on human-animal studies. The author includes references to crucial works and selected web portals where one can find more detailed information. She introduces the fundamental premises and theoretic assumptions of the field and contextualizes it in a wider interdisciplinary framework. She presents a variety of theoretical and methodological approaches. She provides an elementary outline of the historical development of this field and its successive establishment within academic centres, universities and scientific journals. The author also introduces selected topics which this complex field examines today and, finally, outlines its possible future prospects.

>> Full text is available in Czech only <<

ISSN: 1214-438X
Year: 2015
Edition: 13
Volume: 1
Page: 23
Authors: Tereza Vandrovcová
Citation: Vandrovcová, Tereza. "Sociologie zvířat: přehledová stať o oboru Human-Animal Studies." Naše společnost 13 (1): 23-33, http://dx.doi.org/10.13060/1214438X.2015.1.13.206.


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