* Collective Identities in the Media Representation of the Population and Housing Census 2011

This paper deals with the representation of national and ethnic identity categories in media texts during the Population and Housing Census 2011. Census is understood here as means of constructing collective identities not as clearly pre-defined categories but as socially and media shaped parts of an individual identity. The aim of this study is thus to analyze media representations of Population and Housing Census 2011 as an event that highlights the negotiation of collective identities and the processes of the so called “identitary mobilization”. Quantitative analysis of selected articles from national newspapers enriched by findings of qualitative analysis of comments and videos from the new media shows, among others, that the Census is often represented through a kind of media discourse called national in this paper and that the processes of identitary mobilization acquire specific forms during the Census, although probably not limited to its actual period.

ISSN: 1214-438X
Year: 2014
Edition: 12
Volume: 1
Page: 50
Authors: Jitka Zalabáková
Citation: Zalabáková, Jitka. 2014. „Kolektivní identity v mediálních reprezentacích Sčítání lidu, domů a bytů 2011." Naše společnost 12 (1): 50-58, http://dx.doi.org/10.13060/1214438X.2014.1.12.89.


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