*Leisure in the Czech Republic in a Brief Comparison with European Countries

The article focuses on leisure activities in the Czech Republic. After the introductory part defining leisure and its functions, data from the international research ISSP 2007 Leisure and Sport are analyzed. Frequencies of 13 leisure activities and perceived functions of leisure are described and the Czech results are briefly compared with the average of 18 European countries. Then attention is paid to the structure of leisure activities in the Czech society.

Three main leisure clusters, i.e. types of lifestyle, were identified: (1) cultural and sporting activities outside home, (2) “female” culture (shopping, watching TV, reading books and visiting relatives), (3) “home-loving” style of life (doing handicrafts and do-it-yourself). The main sociodemographic characteristics of their followers are delineated using multinominal logistic regression.

>> Full text is available in Czech only <<


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