* Beer patriotism in the Czech society

The relationship of the Czechs towards beer is not a trivial one. Even though we can ostentatiously simplify it to “beer drinkers’ nation,” “pub culture” and so on, relations between the Czechs, beer and pubs are really far more complex and differentiated. The last issue of the Bulletin focused in detail on the institute of pub in the Czech society. This time we will try to focus on beer and primarily on the phenomenon of Czech beer patriotism.


The significance of beer and pubs in modern Czech society certainly originates from their long-lasting history. The depth of their relationship arises from their interconnection throughout the years of common development. We cannot focus on the history of beer cult in the Czech lands without paying attention to the development of pubs. We cannot study pubs without taking into consideration the beer issue. Both phenomena are remarkably interconnected in the historical context. The aim of the research (which stands in the background of both articles) was set up in view of this fact. Apart from my own experience, I rely on the data from a sociological research Pubs and Beer in the Czech Society, which was executed by the Centre for Public Opinion Research of the Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic in September 2004.


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