* Public opinion and relations between the Czech Republic and the neighbouring countries

Relations with neighbouring countries are undoubtedly a significant determinant as well as a key indicator of stability of international political embedding of each state. Regional cooperation is therefore logically alpha and omega of the international politics of the Czech Republic. One of the priority objectives of the country is to extend and strengthen central European cooperation with other countries of the so-called Viszegrad Four as well as with the two neighbouring EU countries, that is, with Germany and Austria.

After all, relations with geographically, culturally and historically nearby states, to which we are also closely linked in economic terms, are no less important for current integrative efforts.

However, there exists a revival of certain historical sentiments between the Czech Republic and some Central European countries that have not been completely overcome and that sometimes develop into political disputes, burdening mutual relations not only on the state, institutional level, but also on the “civil” level. Nobody can argue that mutual relations between the Czech Republic and other countries of the region are – at least in their basic and officially declared intentions – free of serious conflicts. Nevertheless, the object of this paper is the already mentioned civil dimension, that is, existing attitudes of the Czech public to relations between the Czech Republic and other countries.


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