* Ideas expressed by the respondents about family and relations between couples

In January 2003 Centre for Public Opinion Research (CVVM) conducted a survey, which was, apart from other things, aimed at a family and family life. Our report pursues issues related to establishing a family, especially timing of certain events, and also to attitudes of the questioned to certain controversial issues of relations between couples. These opinions document well how open or conservative the respondents are.

It can be presumed that public opinion significantly affects the demographic behaviour of individuals. It is important to realize that respondents express their general opinion or an ideal opinion. They don’t indicate whether they would personally behave this way or prefer this model in their own life.

In the Czech Republic, similarly to other developed countries of the world, getting married and establishing a family is postponed to later age. In many cases, people don’t accomplish one or both of these things during their life. At the same time it is clear, that sexual life is more and more separated from reproduction, also due to the development of modern methods of contraception.

The survey of CVVM mentioned above used a question from ISSP research, which was conducted in the Czech Republic in 1999. The aim was to find out whether public opinion on pre-marital and extra-marital sexual relationship and sexual relationship between partners of the same sex changed and if it did, in what way.


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